Flexibility and quality

The profile of a new dimension

Regardless of the wood type, surface, cross section and length, we can fulfil virtually any criteria. Our flexible, state-of-the-art machinery can be adjusted to meet the individual needs and wishes of our customers quickly and easily.

Because we offer all of the steps in the production process ourselves, we can even offer unique solutions in a short amount of time. And that’s something we’re especially proud of.

Lies in the eye of the beholder

This statement expresses our thoughts exactly, because our high quality standards are geared towards the high expectations of our customers.

We are open to constructive suggestions for improvement from our employees and we strive to continuously optimise our production structures. We set milestones for ourselves in our innovation process over and over again in order to guarantee consistently high standards.

For this purpose, we decided to undergo a series of certifications over the last few years in order to be able to guarantee a consistently high product quality.