Company profile
Philosophy Confidence binds


As a successful family business, we understand the importance of good cooperation. Mutual appreciation and respect for one another are what make our success possible. We act as a partner for our customers and we work to meet their needs and wishes.


As a company, we are aware of our responsibility to our fellow human beings and our environment, and we act accordingly. We strengthen the trust that others place in us through sustainable, responsible forest management and the monitored processing of wood as a natural product.

Everything from one source

We take responsibility for every production step within our own company. We are proud to offer individually designed products of the highest possible quality. We stand for flexibility.

Respect for human and environment

We respect nature as a valuable habitat for people, animals and plants. Besides providing water, light, earth and air, the forest contains a fifth element – the renewable resource of wood. The forest is not just a source of raw materials, but also a habitat, a place of well-being and a source of energy.

The fact that we take our responsibility to preserve the environment seriously is apparent in our special treatment of wood as a valuable natural product. We use as much wood as possible from every log and in this way achieve optimal timber yields. Sawmill by-products are 100% recycled. In this way, we make an important contribution to the environmentally friendly utilisation of the forest.

Because we only use domestic wood such as spruce, pine and larch, we keep transport routes short, minimise energy consumption and secure jobs in our own country.